This popular product offers affordability and variety as well as resistance to wind, fire, and in some cases, hail.* Consisting of a fiberglass mat, layers of asphalt, and granules for color & UV protection, most all shingles today earn a UL Class A fire rating and provide wind resistance up to 130 mph. Laminated shingles, differing from single layer 3-tabs & no longer manufactured T-Locks, are often referred to as ‘dimensionals’ or architectural shingles. These composite products are generally meant to simulate natural products such as cedar shingles, shakes or slate.

*Impact resistant roofing materials, those meeting the UL2218 standard, are not ‘hail proof’ but are considered Class 3 or Class 4 impact resistant based on testing. Some insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner premiums with the installation of this type of product. Be sure to check with your agent.

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